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Chattanooga, Cleveland, Dalton And South Pittsburgh.
Videos Are Screened For Family Viewing.

  No Profanity, No Nudity, No Lewd Or Rude Behavior.

Post A Picture Or Video Ad:
Make a short video of your business or an item you want to sell.
Be creative if you like but be brief.  5 Minutes Max.
Be informative but keep it general.
You can be serious or make it funny. Your Ad, Your Call.
We review all ads to meet our G Rating standard.
Only $15 for a Picture Ad, $30 For a Video Ad.
Your Ad stays up for Three Months.

   Use Your Credit Card.
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Post Instructions:
Email us your Video or Picture Ad.
Hit the Credit Card Tab and select the appropriate Ad.
Your Ad will be posted within 24 hours after screening.